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Measuring vibration, eccentricities and displacement from a safe distance.

Rolling mills and slitting machines include lots of rotating parts like workrolls, flatness measuring rolls or contact rollers. For a stable production process and perfect product quality these must be rotating without vibration, unroundness or excentricities. In a system with various rotating masses, the identification of the source of vibration is complex. In particular in rolling mills cabling of classic vibration Piezo or MEMS-Sensor is most critical: imagine mounting a sensor to all possible sources of vibration, effort in work and material required if the source of vibration is not clear....

We are using an unique sensor from VocalZoom, an Israelian hightech startup. It is working from the distance with laser technology, enabling immidiate results without cabling. The sensor is providing absolute distance information (static and dynamic) to identify excentricities of rotating objects, velocity as well as for vibration measurement. For our application the sensor exclusively has been modified by the manufacturer for a focus range, that combines both: high resolution of the position signal and the possibility to setup the sensor in a safe distance from the measured object.

We are showing the sensor in real operation of your production machine as part of a technical service. Furthermore the sensor can be integrated in the machine for permanent monitoring with integrated cloud connectivity. Let's talk about your challenges.

For details on the sensor please refer to the manufacturer's website: https://www.vocalzoom.com
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